Ftisland 18th Single

If you follow the FTisland members you must have noticed the new Japanese single – Pretty girl.
(and if jeajin’s IG is correct there should be a korean album or single be on it’s way too)
At the moment there is only a teaser. Enjoy!


Ftisland 8th Album

Ftisland’s 8th Album “Planet bonds” will be officially released 11th April 2018
And they will do a tour in Japan starting the same month.

Warner Music Japan

Article AllKpop

And I just became official fan of the Korean Fanclub just 3 months ago.
I am a total newbie but nonetheless I will support these men their music.

Let’s await their MV and FTisland Hwaiting!!

Becoming a Primadonna

So I was super nervous becoming a Primadonna.
It was unclear how to do things and how to handle it.
The tutorial for BOICE helped me a lot, but it was a bit outdated.

So here it goes:

  1. First go to: FNC entertainment
  2. Click “join”
  3. Put the site on english and Click: Foreigner/living overseas
  4. Fill in the next form.
    tip: For phone: landcode without 00 or + infront this should fit and they can still reach you. (I know because I got called by fed ex once)Join fnc
  5. Accept the e-mail before you can go further
  6. Log in and first fill in any other information first. (things you already filled in will be there.)Info Pri
  7. Then go to the: Fanclub administrationPri1
  8. Choose Primadonna and it will show you the bank you need to deposit toPri2
  9. Bankinfo: Citibank Korea
    Swiftcode: CITIKRSX
    To: FNC entertainment
    Banknr: 134-00783-249-01
    Check how much 30.000 KRW (south korean won) is to Euro.
    (should be between €22~25,- but give a euro or two more if you aren’t sure)
    tip:  if the bank asks who pays for the transferring from one currency to the other you pay it yourself, that is why give a euro more, because you don’t want to go pay again for that 1 euro.
  10. Screenshot (when online) or scan your bank deposit paper
    tip: It is deposited the moment it leaves your account
    Put it in jpeg format with no space between text. example: depositfnc.jpeg
  11. Once send it takes up to 2 work days before they confirm.
    When confirmed you will see the followingPri
  12. They might or might not send you a code for track and trace for the card.
    I didn’t get that e-mail and suddenly got FedEx on my doorstep.
    And they have send me enough e-mails by now so they DO have it.

They send things in batches so it can take a month or two (or longer but I got it within 2 months) to arrive.
And if you get a wrong one you get a new one immediately. (it happend to me)

Any questions are welcome ^^
And good luck